Race Transportation

Inca Avalanche Race Transportation Information 

The Inca Avalanche begins at the top of a mountain outside of Ollantaytambo. The drive up to the top from town is approximately one hour and twenty minutes and around 50 kilometers. The drive is up a well maintained and very busy road. On both Saturday and Sunday, this road will need to be temporarily closed for the duration of the racer’s descent to ensure safety of the riders. Thus, the following details are of great importance and should be read carefully:


1. Free optional transportation is provided by the Inca Avalanche from the main square in the town of Ollantaytambo up to the start of the race, for all three official race descents. This transportation is in the form of either large buses (bikes will be loaded up top) or in large bed, open style transport trucks. (Bikes are put in with the racers). We are sorry but there is no transportation for practice runs, see number 2 for more information on other options. 2. Private transportation may be arranged but the logistics in doing so are up to the individual racers. Private taxis can be found in the square and will charge aprroximately 80 soles or $35 to bring you and up to 3 other people and bikes to the top of Abra Malaga and drop you off. Pickup trucks are for the most part not available in Ollantaytambo. Minivans (combis) are available, again by looking in the Plaza. Be sure to agree before leaving on price and pickup spot after your drop. 3. Things can be chaotic in town on race days, so be sure to have all your transportation arranged in advance and do not try to obtain it the mornings of your race run. Get the phone number and name of your driver so you can call in the a.m. to be sure he is still on his way. 4. Pay great attention to the road closure times listed below. If you miss the road closure cut off time, your vehicle will not be able to continue up and you will miss that race run. Allow extra time in case of unanticipated delays or events – this is a rural village in a very mountainous location. Keep your group together; buy all needed items like water and food in advance. Good luck !

Race Day Transportation Options

It is really important that you have your transportation arranged ahead of time!!! Don’t wait till the last minute!!!!

You have two options:
Free public transport by town bus for all race runs both Saturday and Sunday (no free transport available for practice runs)
or Private Transport. If you want private transport (recommended) you must arrange it ahead of time.

Free Public Transport:
Town bus leaves the main square of Ollantaytambo and is available for all race runs both Saturday and Sunday (no transport available for practice runs) For details on free public transport departure times, please see Schedule of Events document.

Private Transport options are:

1. Pay $35-$40 for a private taxi just yourself. Throw your bike in the back with the seat folded down, and get dropped off at the top. Taxis can be found in the main square, (just say “Abra Malaga”) you should get to the main square at least one hour fifteen minutes before you wish to leave with your bike and all your gear.(see Schedule of Events for time details, remember it takes 15 minutes from town to get to Lower Road Closure.

2. Split a taxi with someone. Two bikes can still enter the taxi without removing wheels by carefully placing both inside and one passenger squished in the back with the bikes. Or remove wheels if desired. Putting bikes on roof not advised, even if driver has rack and claims to have the knowledge. Many bad things could happen. You assume your own risk if you choose to put bikes on the roof of a taxi.

3. Get a minivan. This allows more people to enter but of course complicated things as everyone must be on the same page. To find a “combi”, you should contract one driver for both Saturday and Sunday. This should be arranged on Friday. Putting bikes on roof not advised, even if driver has rack and claims to have the knowledge. Many bad things could happen. You assume your own risk if you choose to put bikes on the roof of a combi.
There is a list of “combi” driver names and phone numbers in the Muni building at the registration desk (see town map). You can ask the registration person to assist you in calling a driver on Friday and arranging Pickup Time, Place on Saturday and Sunday morning as well as price. Be aware drivers charge by their time. Just getting dropped off is a different price than having the driver with you the whole day.Be sure to clearly negotiate your price in advance.