Trail Fest Details

Inca Avalanche Trail Festival &  Mass Start Enduro/DH 

Trail Festival Dates: April 23 -29th, 2018 : register for Fest HERE

Race Dates: April 28 – 29th, 2018 : register to race HERE

The Inca Avalanche Trail Festival is 7 days of Mountain Biking the Best Trails in the Sacred Valley, taking in Inca ruins and Peruvian culture. Cap that off with the World famous Inca Avalanche mass start Enduro/DH and you’ve got one epic week of riding in Peru.

Our home base will be the ancient Inca city of Ollantaytambo, Peru. Located a short drive from Cusco (1.5hr) Nestled high in the Andes at nearly 10,000ft above sea level. Ollantaytambo is the last stop before Machu Picchu and thus a melting pot of cultures and nationalities, you can get as touristy or local as you want. Ruins surround the city of Ollanta, which itself is a marvel of Inca ingenuity. Most amenities are present including Wifi, however the nearest Bike Shop is an hour away so come prepared.

Each day we’ll be descending 10-15,000 vert of diverse trails, from high alpine “choose your own adventure” tundra to fast flowy single track, the rocky and buff, even red desert soil ( all manageable for intermediate riders ). Reaching altitudes of 15,000 ft. above sea level! It is for this reason that we shuttle to the mountain tops rather than pedal. There are traditional XC routes in the area and if climbing is your bag, we can put you on the path…that isn’t to say that we won’t experience climbs or pushes.

Each Evening, after a full day of riding and taking in ruins, We’ll gather at one of our favorite local restaurants to refuel, exchange stories of the day and speculate on the coming adventures. *Appetizers and Drinks provided by the Inca Avalanche Trail Festival.

With the weekend comes the most fun and exhilarating race on the planet, the Inca Avalanche. Your participation is optional but riders ranging from 9-60 years of age do it…and so should you! Sunday we’ll pack Ollanta plaza with thousands, celebrate the Race Winners and cheer on Jump Jam participants. The Awards Ceremony is a party that spills over into an after party, the perfect way to close out an amazing week of riding in Peru!

The Inca Avalanche Trail Festival is guided by our Tour Partners who will provide you or your group with a turn-key Trail Fest experience in Peru. Trail Fest Tour packages include Lodging, Guide, Transport, some Meals, All Trail Fest activities, Trail Fest Jersey, Inca Avalanche Race Entry, Select Seating at the Awards Ceremony and Entrance to the After Party + Drink Tickets all for between $1195 -$2695 depending on Tour Partner and amenities. Click HERE for Tour Partner packages and Pricing

Trail Festival Itinerary : 


Day 1



ARRIVAL : After arriving to Lima either last night or this morning, you will make a short one hour flight over the incredibly steep and rugged Andes mountains into the imperial city of the Incas: Cusco. Ask for a seat on the left (‘izquierda’) side of the plane during for the flight to Cusco, you will be treated to incredible views of many glaciers and mountains over 20,000 feet high. After landing, retrieve your luggage and meet your GUIDE outside the airport (click HERE for Tour Partners)


Your destination is Ollantaytambo, famed locale of the Inca Avalanche Trail Fest and massive Andean peaks. After checking in and getting unpacked a bit, There should be plenty time for an afternoon ride down from Pumamarca  or Abra Malaga *check with your Guide .


Save some energy for the Trail Fest Welcome Dinner (7pm, Uchucuta Restaurant). We’ll be gathering at our favorite spot in Ollanta, Uchucuta Restaurant, Appetizer and drinks will be provided by the Trail Festival. This we be a chance to meet other Trail Fest participants, ask questions and generally get excited about the upcoming week of adventure!



Day 2


PUMAMARCA : Lets Get This Trail Fest Started!! Combis(vans) depart at 9am from the town square (loading at 8:30)*consult your Guide . We’re going to Pumamarca, one of our personal favorite sites, it is actually a pre-Incan construction and an interesting archaeological place. It is situated at the juncture of two large mountain valleys that go up and over the continental divide of the Andes and down to the Amazon jungle. There is no entrance fee and very few other travelers. After visiting the site, it’ll be time to ride.

group3Our descent features single track / Inca trail that is simply delicious and blazes directly into Ollantaytambo…not to mention several recently discovered but very sizeable Incan ruins along the way.


As the ride ends right in town, we will have a short rest, some lunch and then the option of either ripping Pumamarca again, doing the Inca Avalanche race course on Abra Malaga or hanging out in town and just relaxing/doing your own thing.

7pm, Lets do Cocktails and Apps again! The Trail Fest will once again provide beverages, sustenance, the opportunity to recall the days adventure and speculate on what tomorrow will bring! Uchucuta Restaurant again? or another local favorite?



Day 3


MORAY : Today is shuttle mania, several drops of two thousand feet each, sun baked singletrack, natural half pipes, a DH style course, and some cross country riding to keep ya’ honest. Oh, and we will visit two or three unique Inca sites. (small entrance fees not included) Today is one of our favorite full days of biking to be had anywhere. The Incan sites of Moray aren’t bad either

We will do three full shuttle runs, with plenty of time to chill and have lunch in between.

7pm, Lets Rehash the Days Adventures, appetizers and cocktails will once again be provided at Uchucuta Restaurant again or another local favorite.



Day 4



ABRA MALAGA : This is the world famous Inca Avalanche race course. One of the most exciting rides in Peru, this trail drops from 14,500 feet at the foot of a glacier all the way down to the valley floor 5,000 feet below. Along the way we will blaze past waterfalls, llamas, Incan ruins, pre-Incan ruins, small stone Andean houses and traditional culture. In fact part of the trail is on an actual Inca road – a jungle access route that almost certainly predates the Incas and is a thousand years old or more, and is still in pristine condition – a real testament to the engineering skills of the ancient civilization of the Incas, dating back to the 1400’s.


But don’t let the culture fool you, the riding goes off pretty hard too! There are plenty of places to get your huck on, as well as high speed grading sections and plenty of rock garden. There is even some smooth Colorado-type singletrack in case that is your thing, though not much of it. The descent is a total blast and when we get to the bottom, we’ll have some cold drinks and fresh choclo con queso, a local treat of fresh corn on the cob with cheese.



And then we’ll hop in the combi, drive up 5,000 feet and do it all again. Yes that is over 10,000 feet of epic descending in two runs in case you are counting!

7pm, Come To Uchucuta Restaurant, Appetizers and Cocktails to hold you over till dinner.

Day 5


CALCA / RACCHI : Today we ride more ancient Inca roads and singletrack, starting at the foot of a glacier and descending for what seems like forever, past countless Incan archaeological sites. By now, you will have seen a pattern develop with what the mountain biking is like in Peru. The trail down to Calca from the pass above is one of our all time favorites so we will do it twice – another 10,000 feet of descending that will include some epic scree runs starting out at over 15,000 feet above sea level.






On the drive back to Ollantaytambo, after a large lunch and some cold drinks in the sunny plaza of Calca village, you will have the opportunity to score one more downhill drop. We will have the choice of either the very steep, chalky soil foot trails descending from Racchi down to the valley floor, or else one of our favorites: the Moab-ish red soil clay luge run from the Incan site of Moray down to the bottom that we call “Paucarbamba” .

7pm, You Know What Time It Is,  Appetizers and Cocktails gratis! Uchucuta Restaurant again? or another local favorite?


Day 6 DSC_9197

INCA AVALANCHE : Qualifying Day !  We will all go up to the start as a group, today there are 2 qualifying runs. The first is mandatory, and the second is optional. Overall, it is a fun day of riding with a more relaxed vibe. Your Guide will go up for both qualifiers, or you can head back to town on your own after the first one.

DSC_92327pm, Appetizers and Cocktails of course!

Day 7  


INCA AVALANCHE : Race Day !  We will all go up to the start as a group, today there is one, winner take-all descent.  Everyone rides to have a good time but of course everyone is trying to do the best they can !


Tonight we’ll celebrate the Winners of the Inca Avalanche and cheer on the Jump Jam participants. Then we’ll close out this amazing week with the Inca Avalanche After Party!

Day 8

DEPART : Pack your things, head to Cusco airport, Lima and your Homeland. Thanks for shredding!